The Seven Sparks

I am free to love and be loved.

I seek out those whose Divine light burns brightly. They help light my way.

I nourish the world with healthy speech. I nourish my body with healthy food.

Now is the most important moment.

My unique history gives me my vital perspective.

I am a builder, a creator, a contributor to life.

I am aware of my true essence and can distinguish my needs from my wants.


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Seven Sparks, Tools for Jewish Wellness is Beth Schafer’s (and PJL’s) first book. Using the Ten Commandments as a gateway, learn how Judaism teaches habits that lead to a healthy mind, body and spirit.

Each Spark leads to a healthy habit or mindset. Suggestions at the end of each chapter help you apply the Spark to yourself, your family, your workplace and even your congregation. Each chapter also has a pathway to learning more about Judaism’s sacred texts and liturgy. No need to know Hebrew or have any prior Judaic knowledge, but any knowledge you do have will just lead to more profound connection!

Feel good by yourself. You’re not perfect! There, we said it. None of us is perfect. This is the one thing we have in common with everyone else on the planet. We all want to improve and be inspired. But did you ever think that you could be the source of your own inspiration? You can. Today. Feel good about that. It’s totally in you.

Feel good by being Jewish.
Judaism teaches wellness. All of us can benefit from what Judaism teaches about caring for our minds, bodies and spirits...If you’re not sure where to start, Seven Sparks, Tools for Jewish Wellness will lead you through our sacred texts so you will not only feel good about being Jewish. You’ll feel good by being Jewish.

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