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Seven Sparks is now available in PAPERBACK! In addition to ebook outlets, you can now order our first book right in our merchandise section.

the core team of dreamers

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John Marsden, Beth Schafer,
Rabbi Lisa Tzur

What is Positive Jewish Living?


OneLife™ products including Beth Schafer's book, Seven Sparks, Tools for Jewish Wellness, and many other reminders to live your One Life well. Fitness products, wearables, music and more...
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OneLife™ Tefilah our worship experience and workshop, OneLife™ Koach, our movement and leadership programs, and OneLife™ Kavanah, our weekend experience, explore the many different ways PJL can impact your community.
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PJL works with both lay leaders and professionals of a synagogue to employ all of the PJL Sparks and best practices into use within a community. Multi-visit training, curriculum building and modeling lead to a PJL Heksher.
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PJL Creative is a full-service production house for audio, video and graphics fine-tuned to support synagogue media projects.
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the Genesis of PJL and Seven Sparks

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what are the symbols about?

The special GLYPHS represent each of the Seven Sparks. The third represents BALANCE.When we see it, we should be reminded that maintaining balance in our lives is a delicate task. We nourish the world with what we say, we nourish our bodies with what we eat. Both are vital in creating a world that is caring and sustainable.

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